The WorkSTEPS program is a thorough employment testing program that helps your business significantly reduce the amount of money paid for work place injury results. OccMed Associates is a proud provider of the WorkSTEPS program in Lubbock.

What is WorkSTEPS?

The WorkSTEPS employment testing program is a truly unique program designed to benefit your company or business. According to the WorkSTEPS website, “WorkSTEPS is the leading provider of functional employment testing in the nation, and was founded to meet a critical employer need – to create a medically safe, legally compliant, scientific and objective means of matching a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job.”

This program conforms in fully to EEOC guidelines for application of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The data generated by use of the WorkSTEPS programs is used to successfully litigate fraudulent injury claims and to establish a basis for legitimate settlements of rightful work place injury claims. Take advantage of the benefits of the leading WorkSTEPS program in Lubbock when you select OccMed Associates.

Why the WorkSTEPS Program in Lubbock?

Use of the WorkSTEPS program effectively reduces the number of work place injuries and the cost for providing for work place injuries. WorkSTEPS Inc. states that foe every $1 spent on WorkSTEPS testing, $30 is saved. In addition, employers benefit from matching the physical demand levels (how much an employee can safely lift) of the specific job to the physical capabilities of an employee. The matching of physical demand levels and physical capabilities reduces occurrences of injuries and also helps to decrease turnover rate.

Another benefit for employers is that WorkSTEPS assists in the elimination of fraudulent claims. Information obtained during WorkSTEPS testing is retained for comparison to post-injury employee data, which establishes a basis for developing objective data based rehabilitation and return to work programs.

WorkSTEPS does not just provide essential function matching, it also performs a comprehensive battery of additional medical and functional performance tests on each employee. Note that the data gathered may not be used to withdraw an offer of employment, but it can be used to establish the baseline capabilities of an employee.

What Does the WorkSTEPS Program Entail?

Using our WorkSTEPS program in Lubbock provides employers with detailed data reports based on the pre-employment test. Components of the WorkSTEPS Employment Test include:

Components of the WorkSTEPS Employment Test

  • Musculoskeletal evaluation including assessments of range of motion, strength, posture, and joint integrity.
  • Cardiovascular status, including recovery condition, risk profile, blood pressure, and heart rate.
  • Static (isometric) and Dynamic (isotonic) strength evaluation of the back and extremities, with analysis for deficits and/or abnormalities, and with resultant comparative analysis to our database containing information from thousands of employees tested.
  • Risk profile for “over-use syndrome” (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome).
  • Job Specific or job simulation components (essential functions) includes instruction in proper body mechanics and lifting techniques.

When the WorkSTEPS employment test is completed, the results are entered into a database. The information contained provides a profile on every individual employee according to the physical demands of the specific job. We provide the WorkSTEPS program in Lubbock which provides employers with incredibly detailed and specific comparisons based on any number of collected data. Reports can be generated from this data to establish the baseline medical and functional capabilities of individual employees for future comparisons to post-injury data.

WorkSTEPS continues the relationship with you even after the WorkSTEPS employment testing has been conducted. Using the OccMed Associates WorkSTEPS program in Lubbock means that we continue to maintain our relationship with employers to assist them with ADA and other related employee/employer issues.

Ready for WorkSTEPS to benefit your business? Contact OccMed Associates provides a free meeting and assessment for employers who want more information on our WorkSTEPS program in Lubbock.